Anna bella - Angel Aqua Expert Hydrated Facial Mask (30ml x 10pcs) (Parallel Import)
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Product Introduction:

The mask cloth is only 0.1mm thick, and the texture is transparent, skin-friendly, and the absorption is higher, which can penetrate the essence into the bottom layer of the skin. Contains deep sea algae, spirulina, chlorella and other ingredients to effectively replenish moisture to the skin, help relieve dryness, itchiness and other skin dehydration problems, in addition, it has the effect of reducing pores.

Product Features:
- The main ingredient of the mask is seaweed, which has the effect of improving the skin's radiance and hydration.
- Chlorella helps to enhance the vitality of skin cells, and has antioxidant and anti-aging functions.
- Tripeptide ingredient effectively soothes sensitive inflammation.
- Centella Asiatica promotes collagen production for smoother and firmer skin.

Ingredients and their effects:
Chlorella: moisturizing, activating, antioxidant
Spirulina: Soothes and repairs
Centella Asiatica: Firm, smooth
Trehalose: Moisturizes, moisturizes, brightens

How to Use:
Leave the mask close to the skin and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes before removing it and massaging into the face to help absorb the remaining serum.

Suitable for skin type :
All skins