BLACKMORES - Joint Formula Advanced 120 vanilla flavoured tablets (Parallel Import)
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Product Introduction:

BLACKMORES EXTRA BONE FORMULA GLUCOSAMINE + CHONDROITIN SULFATE provides a daily dose of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.
BLACKMORES STRONG JOINT PAIN RELIEF FORMULA CONTAINS GLUCOSAMINE, MANGANESE AND BORON TO HELP RELIEVE JOINT PAIN AND IMPROVE JOINT STIFFNESS. The active ingredients in the product can promote cartilage regeneration, and help lubricate joints and maintain joint health.

Features & Benefits:
- Contains scientifically certified glucosamine formula to double the ingredients and double the efficacy
- All-in-1 powerful formula helps cartilage resist and regenerate, and quickly relieves joint pain
- Non-medicated, specially added manganese and boron, effectively locking in bone nutrition and strengthening bone tissue

Take one tablet twice daily

Origin: Australia