50 Megumi - Hair Colorant 150g (Light Brown)(Parallel Import)


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    Packaging specification 150g
    Place of Origin Japan
    Product Description
    Traditional hair dye is more irritating and hurting the scalp. It is easy to make the hair dry and lustrous, sensitive scalp, and even increase hair loss.
    Japan's 50 -benefit natural seaweed hair and hair cream, the formula contains natural ingredients, mild nature, 5 natural seaweed essence, does not contain 10 general sensitivity ingredients, does not hurt the scalp and the core, and maintains uniform and beautiful hair.

    Detailed introduction
    1. Natural seaweed essence, hair dyeing hair while nourishing hair
    -5 kinds of natural seaweed essence, hair dyeing at the same time, moisturizing hair, reaching the effect of oil, the hair is not drought after dyeing, and it is softer and shiny!
    2. Mild formula, not hurting the scalp hair core
    -Incariac, including Armania, Paraben, mineral oil, silicon, SLS chemical foaming agent, alcohol and oxide dyes such as phenylene (PPD), amino phenols, amino phenols, toluene, etc. , Don’t hurt the scalp, mild smell, suitable for use every week
    3. Just push it, no mix, it can be used for multiple times
    -It is simple and convenient, it is dyeing when it is pushed, there is no need to be mixed, it can be used for full or supplement.
    4. Slowing white growth
    -Added without aquatic caffeine and Poria to activate hair melanocytes and slow down white growth

    (Use it in dry hair before shampooing)
    1. Please put on gloves first, take an appropriate amount of hair dye hair cream, and apply the hair evenly from the root of the hair. In the more white hair, please fully apply the more hair dye
    2. Waiting for 20 minutes
    3. Use water to fully clean up until the water that flushed the hair no longer has color
    Can be used every week

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