Casablanca - Auto-Sanitized Protect Pillow
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Sizes: 15.5" x 23.5"
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"feature of product :
Purification and degradation
Self Clean technology can accelerate the degradation of organic matter such as harmful bacteria and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria under light or sunlight, while helping to remove odors.

Dirt breakdown
Helps to remove foreign dirt composed of sweat, mud, and especially stains caused by sebum and protein secreted by the human body, which cannot be easily removed by washing.

Environmentally friendly and harmless
The "automatic purification" function can be triggered naturally through natural sunlight or light, which is harmless to human health and does not cause environmental pollution. Daily use and cleaning will not affect the self-purification function.

Moisture-absorbent and breathable
Helps quickly remove moisture and sweat to maintain a pleasant, dry sleeping environment.

Self Clean Technical Materials"

Jacket - 100% polyester
Inner cover - 100% cotton
Filling: 100% latex
Filling weight: 1600g