Comforbot 7分鐘深層激光擊退灰甲雙指速效零壓無菌光療機 PRO

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    Product Details:
    The world's first and smallest two-finger onychomycosis machine, which can be used on multiple fingers at the same time, making onychomycosis treatment more efficient
    The newly developed PRO upgraded version uses 4 blue light + 1 upgraded laser lamp beads, which is infinitely close to the same type of treatment equipment in hospitals. It covers a larger irradiation area, provides deeper physiotherapy for onychomycosis, and upgrades the sterilization and repair effect to be more Pro.
    The first original mini nail polish machine with a built-in disinfection and charging box, which integrates UVC sterilization and wireless charging functions. The charging box can be placed for disinfection after use, making it safer to use.
    Miniature slippers design, a single host weighs only 12g, is more lightweight, can be used with half buckle, and can be used with any finger or toe.
    One-touch touch screen operation, automatic timer of 7 minutes, you can quickly complete onychomycosis physiotherapy at home; it is an efficient physiotherapy without dependence.

    Product principle:
    Utilizing the principle of laser photothermal, combined with 980nm infrared cold laser phototherapy and 470nm blue light sterilization and disinfection, it produces a synergistic effect. Directly targeting the infected nails or toenails of the infected person, the laser penetrates deep into the inner layer of the toenail and nail bed to generate heat and destroy the fungal infected tissue; at the same time, it accelerates the speed of the nail bed, stimulates the growth of the nail bed, and removes bacteria at a faster speed, and Will not cause grooves or damage nails. There are few other methods that provide equally good results. Non-drug use without any dependence.