COSHARE HD10B - Quick-drying Repair Glossy Hair Dryer (Standard Version)
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feature of product :
1) Squalane Essence Ring
2) Power: 110,000 rpm brushless motor
3) Temperature control technology
4) 800 million negative ion hair care
5) Innovative design and experience
6) Tranquility
7) 12 combinations to meet various styling needs

Product Features :
1) Squalane Essence Ring: A revolutionary essence ring formula that allows you to apply essence while blow-drying your hair to reshape your hair and make it shine.
2) Power: 110,000 rpm brushless motor: Built-in 110,000 rpm brushless motor, with wind speed of 65 meters per second
3) Effectively blows away the moisture on the hair surface, allowing it to be quickly dried in 3 minutes without high temperature, reducing heat damage to the hair.
4) Temperature control technology: Utilizes NTC* chip to monitor constant temperature 100 times per second to protect hair from high temperature damage (excessive temperature may damage hair keratin)
5) Negative ion hair care: High-speed airflow transports more than 800 million particles/cubic centimeter of negative ions from the root to the tip of the hair
6) Negative ions can reduce static electricity in hair and help create a smoother style
7) Innovative design and experience: Compact and lightweight, 370g lightweight body, light and comfortable to hold with one hand
8) Quiet: Modulated motor reduces wind noise and operates quietly at 55dB decibels
9) 12 combinations to meet various styling needs: 3 levels of wind speed, 4 levels of wind temperature
Warm and cold mode – press and hold to enter the automatic alternating mode of cold and warm air to avoid long-term high temperature blowing and damage to hair quality.
Cycle mode – helps with hair styling
Cleaning mode – automatically cleans dust from the air inlet, stainless steel filter, effectively prevents hair from being inhaled

About Essence Ring Essence Ring
what is it?
COSHARE's Essence Ring is a breakthrough magnetic retention ring for use with the SuperFlow1 high-speed blow dryer that infuses hair with nourishing conditioner as you blow-dry for healthy, shiny hair. Its easy-to-use design and evenly distributed conditioner make it the perfect accessory for achieving professional-grade results at home.
The Essence Ring allows users to richly moisturize hair with nutrients while blow-drying. The magnetic essence ring is easy to install and remove. Its innovative design ensures even distribution of conditioner while delivering fragrance.
A must-have hair care accessory for those looking for professional-grade results at home, you can achieve the ideal balance between style and function with this groundbreaking accessory, ensuring your hair looks great every time. Reveal elegance and vitality the first time you use the COSHARE hair dryer.
What does it do for hair
Essence Ring contains squalane, which provides multiple hair care benefits:
Moisturizing: Squalane helps lock in moisture and prevent dry, brittle hair.
Softening and Smoothing: The emollient properties of squalane help soften and smooth hair, reducing frizz, making hair more manageable, smoother and shinier.
Scalp Health: Squalane also benefits the scalp, preventing dryness and dandruff. A healthy scalp is essential for promoting overall hair health and growth.
Heat Protection: Squalane forms a protective barrier around the hair shaft, protecting it from environmental stressors, such as the heat of styling tools.
Improves elasticity: Squalane helps improve the elasticity of hair, making it less prone to breakage and splits.
Antioxidant Properties: Squalane has antioxidant properties that help protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress caused by free radicals and environmental pollutants.

product specifications
Cord length: 2m / 78.74in / 6.56ft
Weight without power cord: 370g / 13.1oz
Power: 1500W
Airflow level: 3
Size: 249*85*69mm/9.8*3.4*2.7 inches
Temperature settings: room temperature, warm air, hot air, cold air, hot air circulation
* The voltage of this product is 220-240V, and it is equipped with a Hong Kong British standard plug. If you are traveling, please choose a plug that meets the local specifications.
Maintenance period: 2 years

Maintenance center information:
Address: Room 11, 10th Floor, Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre, 15 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Contact email: [email protected]
Contact number: 3691 8775
WhatsApp: 68838052

office hours
Monday to Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-1:30pm
Closed on Sundays and public holidays