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AT+ Extended Warranty service means the extension of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty. The extended warranty commences on the day right after the expiry date of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty to give you complete peace-of-mind.

4 key features of the service:

1. Same as the original Manufacturer’s Warranty scope

Provide you repair service(s) based on the original Manufacturer's Warranty.

2. 100% original service center guarantee

Repaired by the accredited service center authorized by the manufacturer, using 100% original factory parts and technology, with a sense of security.

3. Unlimited repair services

You are entitled to unlimited repair services up to the Device RRP (“Maximum Repair Value”) during the Extended Warranty Period.

4. Online Service Portal

Just a few easy steps via our service portal to arrange service request, easy and fast!

AT+ Extended Warranty service

Smartphones (Applicable for designated models)


Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

1. Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

1.1 Definitions 定義

1.1.1 Mobile Device: Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches which are for personal use only and not to be used for commercial, rental, or profit generation purposes. 流動裝置:智能手機、平板電腦及智能手錶,裝置必須為個人使用而非用於商業、出租或牟利等用途。

1.1.2 Normal Use: Use of the Mobile Device in accordance with the guidelines for Mobile Device usage including but not limited to regular maintenance and upkeep of the Mobile Device, usage of specified protection devices such as voltage stabilizers. 正常使用:根據流動裝置之使用指南使用流動裝置,包括但不限於對流動裝置進行定期護理及保養、使用特定保護設備如穩壓器等。

1.1.3 Extended Warranty: Means the Extension of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty on Mobile Devices. The extended warranty commences on the day after the expiry date of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty and it covers epairing of inherent mechanical and electrical defects and/or failure of the Mobile Device, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Original Manufacturer's Warranty and the terms and conditions contained herein. 延長保養:延長保養服務計劃從原廠保養到期之日起開始計,涵蓋指因固有的機械及/或電力缺陷及/或故障,導致其無法按預期方式運作。受此份條款及細則約束。

1.1.4 BER: ‘Beyond Economic Repairs’ means cost of a repair is greater than 85% of the Device RRP BER:「維修不合乎經濟效益(Beyond Economic Repairs)」指維修費用較裝置建議零售價之85%為高。

1.1.5 Device RRP: Refers to the Recommended Retail Price of the Mobile Device on the Device Purchase Date and may not reflect the discounted sale price of the Device (i.e., the Device Purchase Price). 裝置建議零售價:指購買日當時的裝置建議零售價,裝置的銷售折扣價格可能不會被反映(即裝置購買價格)。

1.1.6 Authorized Repairer: The accredited service centre authorized by the manufacturer of the Mobile Device. 授權維修商:由流動裝置製造商認可的授權服務中心。

1.1.7 Manufacturer’s Warranty: The original warranty given by manufacturer in respect of a Mobile Device. 製造商保養:製造商為所生產的流動裝置提供之原廠保養。

1.1.8 Manufacturer’s Warranty Period: The uninterrupted period of the Manufacturer’s Warranty cover as stated on the original official Manufacturer’s Warranty certificate or publication. 製造商保養期:製造商之正式保養書正本上所註明製造商提供保養服務之一段不間斷的期間。

1.1.9 You/Your: The customer mentioned in Product. 閣下:維修服務合約中提到之客戶。

1.1.10 Contract Period: A fixed term commencing from the Contract Period Start Date, until and unless early cancellation or termination of this Product in accordance with this Terms of Service. 合約期:除非按本服務條款提前取消或終止本產品,否則將是合約期起計一個固定期限。

2.1 Scope of Extended Warranty Repair 延長保養維修服務之範圍

The Product shall provide you repair service(s) for inherent mechanical and electrical defects and/or failure occurred to your Mobile Device upon expiration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty Period during the Contract Period, subject to the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service. 此產品會在製造商的保養期屆滿後之合約期內,為您的流動裝置所發生的固有機械和電子缺陷和/或故障提供維修服務,但受制於本服務條款的條款和細則。 You are entitled to unlimited repair services up to the Device RRP (“Maximum Repair Value”) during the Extended Warranty Period. 在延長保養期內,您可享有不超過裝置建議零售價(“最大維修價值”)之無限次維修服務。 Repair/replacement service(s) requested by you during the Contract Period are subject to the following conditions: 根據閣下就有關流動裝置按「製造商涵蓋之故障」所涵蓋的故障,於維修服務合約規定之合約期內時而提出之必要的維修要求,必須符合以下條件:

2.1.1 Repairs are performed exclusively by an Authorized Repairer. 維修必須經由授權維修商進行。

2.1.2 The Mobile Device must: (a) have been purchased as new by you in Hong Kong; (b) have been manufactured in Hong Kong or legally imported into Hong Kong; (c) have been sold through the manufacturer’s authorized dealer or distributor as indicated in the invoice and the Manufacturer’s Warranty; (d) have been in Normal Use at all times; (e) not have been modified at any time except for modification performed by bolttech as per your service request; (f) have been used for personal use only and not for commercial, rental, or profit generating purposes; (g) have been mainly used by you; and (h) have been in your possession only. 有關流動裝置必須 (a)是您在香港新購買之流動裝置; (b)在香港分銷或合法進口至香港的; (c)經製造商授權之經銷商或分銷商出售,並能出示發票及製造商保養書; (d)一直處於正常使用狀態; (e)從未經改裝,但不限於bolttech按服務請求而對流動裝置的維修 (f)僅用於個人用途而非用於商業、出租或牟利等用途 (g)主要被您使用過及 (h)只屬於你的

2.1.3 Any previous repair to the Mobile Device must (a) have been performed in Hong Kong; and (b) have been performed by the accredited service center. 過去曾對流動裝置進行的任何維修必須(a)於香港進行;及(b)經由認可之服務中心進行。

2.1.4 The Manufacturer’s Warranty must remain valid throughout its validity period and not been voided or affected by any action by You. 製造商保養必須於整個有效期內一直生效,並且不曾因閣下的任何行為而被作廢或受影響。

2.1.5 In performing Extended Warranty repair, the Authorized Repairer shall have the option in its discretion, without prejudice to the terms and conditions of this Product: 提供延長保養維修服務時,服務中心有權在不影響本維修服務合約之條款及細則下自行決定: (a) In the case of BER, or where there is unavailability of spare parts for repair, to replace the Mobile Device with a like-for-like unit, whether new or refurbished (the “Replacement Device”). The Authorized Repairer aims to replace the Mobile Device with an identical make, model, colour and specification; however, where this is not possible, the Authorized Repairer will provide a Replacement Device of comparable specification or the equivalent value taking into account the age and condition of the Device. The Device shall become the Authorized Repairer’s property. It is provided always that: (i) the Replacement Device may be of lower retail value than the Device; and (ii) you shall be responsible to backup and restore any data you may have from the Device to the Replacement Device (as necessary). 在BER 或製造商無法提供零件的情況下以類似型號更換流動裝置,被更換的流動裝置可能會是新機或近新機(更換流動裝置)。授權維修商旨在更換具有相同品牌、型號、顏色和規格的流動裝置;但是,如果無法做到這一點,授權維修商將提供具有可比規格或同等價值的更換裝置,同時考慮到裝置的使用年限和狀況。被更換之流動裝置將成為服務中心之財產。請留意︰(i) 更換的裝置的零售價值可能低於原裝置;(ii) 閣下有責任自行將被更換之流動裝置中的任何數據備份及還原至所更換之流動裝置(如有)。 (b) to outsource or sub-contract repair or any part of it. 將維修服務或其任何部分外判或分判。

2.2 Other Key Conditions 其他重要細則

2.2.1 This Product is effective from the date of purchase of the Mobile Device. 本產品僅在購買流動裝置後生效。

2.2.2 This Product is only valid for the Mobile Device specified in this Product. 本產品僅適用於本產品中指定的流動裝置。

2.2.3 This Product is not assignable or transferable by you or to another device, for any reason (including but not limited to the Device being sold to a third party), except where the Device received from the manufacturer is deemed DOA, this Terms of Service shall continue to apply to the Replacement Device provided by the manufacturer. Please inform AT+ regarding the DOA occurred through the method specified in the ‘Extended Warranty Repair Request Process’ section below 閣下無論出於任何原因(包括但不限於將流動裝置出售予第三方),均不得將本維修服務合約轉讓或授予他人,或轉至其他裝置,除非您從製造商所收到的裝置被視為 DOA,本條款服務將繼續適用於製造商提供的更換裝置。請通過以下“延長保修維修請求流程”部分中指定的方法通知 <供應商> 關於發生 DOA 的情況

2.2.4 This Product shall continue to cover the Replacement Device provided that You notify us in writing, through the method mentioned in “Extended Warranty Repair Request Process” section below (a) of the DOA within 30 days from the date of the invoice; (b) of the details of the replacement device within 30 days from the date of Your receipt of the replacement device. 閣下只須透過以下「維修服務預約流程」部分所述之方法,以書面通知我們(a)有關裝置之DOA(於發票日起計30天內);(b)有關所更換之裝置的詳情(於閣下收到所更換之裝置起計30天內),本維修服務合約將繼續為所更換之裝置提供保障

2.2.5 The Device model and IMEI number will be updated accordingly. For these purposes, “DOA” or “dead on arrival” refers to a Mobile Device (i) being purchased and not taken immediately from a physical outlet and which is later delivered to You; (ii) upon delivery is found to be completely inoperative; and (iii) is immediately returned to the manufacturer for replacement. 裝置之型號及國際流動裝置辨識碼(IMEI)將相應地更新。「DOA」或「送抵時已無法啟動」是指流動裝置(i)於購買時並未立即從實體店取走,而是隨後送交閣下;(ii)在送抵時被發現完全無法運作;(iii)立即被退回製造商進行更換。

2.3 What is Not Included 不包括之項目
The Product does not include the following: 本產品不包括以下項目:

2.3.1 Breakage caused by violating Manufacturer’s Warranty, abuse of Device, negligence, illegal use and/or use of the Device other than Normal Use 因違反製造商保養、濫用、疏忽、非法使用和/或非正常使用而導致的裝置損壞。

2.3.2 Regular wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the Mobile Device. 定期耗損及破裂或逐漸老化。 Restoration of or support for data stored in the Mobile Device (e.g., software, music, etc.). 恢復或支援存儲在流動裝置中的數據(例如軟件、音樂等)。

2.3.3 Replacement of any consumable items or accessories such as batteries, chargers, headphones, etc 更換任何消耗品或配件,例如電池、充電器、耳機等。

2.3.4 Cosmetic damage to the Mobile Device, such as damage to paintwork, Mobile Device finish, dents or scratches. 流動裝置外觀之損壞,例如油漆剝落、流動裝置表面磨光之耗損、凹痕或刮花等。

2.3.5 Any defects that are subject to the manufacturer’s recall. 任何導致製造商產品回收之缺陷。 Any service request where we discover deception and fraud. 任何我們發現之欺騙和欺詐的服務請求。 Delay confiscation, detention, destruction or requisition by Customs or Police or by the order of any Government or Public Body or Authority, whether as contraband, stolen goods or otherwise, or in consequence of illegal act or activity or otherwise. 無論是作為違禁品、贓物或其他,或由於非法行為或活動或其他原因,導致海關或警察或任何政府或公共機構或當局命令而沒收、扣留、銷毀或徵用,

2.3.6 Any circumstances where the conditions in clause 2.2 and 2.3 above are not met. 任何不符合上述第2.2及2.3條條款之情況。

2.3.7 Reimbursement of repair cost(s) incurred by you from repair service(s) performed by third party. 第三方提供因維修服務而產生的維修費用補償。

2.3.8 Any form of physical loss or untraceability of the Mobile Device, or any form of consequential or incidental loss suffered by You in respect of the Mobile Device. 流動裝置任何形式之遺失或無法追踪,或閣下因流動裝置而遭受任何形式之後果性或附帶性損失。

2.3.9 Breakdown arising from nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination from any source whatsoever. 任何核反應、核輻射或放射性污染引起的故障。

2.3.10 Breakdown arising from overload, experiments or tests requiring the imposition of abnormal conditions on the Device. 因超負荷、實驗或要求對設備施加異常測試而引起的故障。

2.3.11 Gradually developing flaws, defects, cracks or partial fractures in any part, although repair or renewal of the parts affected may be necessary in the future. 任何部分逐漸形成之瑕疵、缺陷、裂紋或局部斷裂,而在未來可能對受影響之部件進行維修或更新。

2.3.12 Deterioration of or wearing away or wearing out of any part, marring or scratching of the Mobile Device caused by external force or naturally resulting from normal use or exposure. 流動裝置任何部分老化或磨損或耗損、因外力導致損壞或刮花,或因正常使用或長期暴露引致之自然損耗。 Breakdown arising from attack by unauthorized software/virus, software faults and manufacturing defect. 因未經授權之軟件/病毒攻擊、軟件故障或製造缺陷而引起的故障。

2.3.13 Breakage arising out of any intentional act towards the Mobile Device including but not limited to incorrect installation or incorrect set-up. 因對流動裝置作出任何故意行為而導致之損壞,包括但不限於錯誤的安裝或錯誤的設置。

2.3.14 Damage to any electronic data and/or Mobile Device software/operating system, storage media, data/records or similar intangible items and damage to the SIM card/memory card of the Mobile Device. 任何電子數據及/或流動裝置之軟件/操作系統、儲存媒介、數據/記錄或類似之無形物品的損壞,以及流動裝置之SIM卡/記憶卡的損壞。

2.3.15 Any failure of the Mobile Device to operate as a result of problems with respect to the network infrastructure, Your network subscription or similar service issues. 因網絡之基礎建設問題、閣下之網絡訂閱或類似之服務問題而導致流動裝置無法運作。

2.3.16 Breakdown caused by or attributed to the operation of a software virus or any other software-based malfunction; or natural disaster, fire, terrorism, or power surge. 因軟件病毒之操作或任何其他基於軟件功能失常所引致之故障;或自然災害、火災、恐怖主義或電壓飆升。

2.4 Termination of Product 終止產品

This Product will be immediately and automatically terminated in the following events. In such case, no refund will be due to You. 本產品於以下情況將立即自動終止。此種情況下,閣下將不會獲得退款。

2.4.1 Fraud, attempted fraud, or non-disclosure of any changes to the Mobile Device that affect this Product; or 欺詐、企圖欺詐或未披露對流動裝置作出之任何更改,而影響本產品。

2.4.2 Where the asset serial number is removed, obliterated or altered from the Mobile Device; or 流動裝置上之產品序列號被移除、清除或更改;

2.4.3 If repair(s) was/were carried out by third party repair service provider who is not accredited by the AT+, at any point during or before the Contract Period; or 在合約期內或之前的任何時候,由未經AT+認可的第三方維修服務提供商進行的維修;

2.4.4 Where manufacturer has exercised our option to replace the Mobile Device in accordance with clause 2.2 above. 製造商曾根據上述第2.2條行使選擇權以更換流動裝置。

3. Extended Warranty Repair Request Process 延長保養維修服務預約流程

You must notify our service provider bolttech within seven (7) days of a breakdown. Otherwise, our bolttech reserves the right to reject the service request. 您必須在故障發生後七 (7) 天內通知我們的服務供應商 bolttech。 否則,bolttech保留拒絕服務請求的權利。 You may lodge a service request by visiting https://partner.device.bolttech.hk/service-request/en . 閣下可瀏覽 https://partner.device.bolttech.hk/service-request 向我們的服務供應商 bolttech提出延長保養維修服務申請。 Free pick-up and delivery service in Hong Kong (subject to our Service Provider bolttech’s terms and conditions and until and unless otherwise notified). The original receipt of the Device purchased may be required when your Device is collected for repair. 閣下於香港可獲免費收機及送機服務(直至及除非另行通知,否則以我們的服務供應商 bolttech 之條款及細則為準)。當我們收機時,我們有可能需要您提供裝置的正式收據。

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 管制法例及司法管轄權

The construction, interpretation and meaning of the provisions of this Product shall be determined in accordance with Hong Kong laws and shall be resolved exclusively by the courts of Hong Kong. 本維產品條款之結構、解釋及含義應根據香港法律定義,並只訴諸香港法院尋求解決。

5. Feedback 意見

For feedback and enquiries, you may contact bolttech at +852 5808 2597. 若閣下有任何意見或問題,可致電+852 5808 2597與bolttech聯絡。

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