50 Megumi - Nourishing and Enriching Conditioner (Moist) 330ml (Refill) (Parallel Import)


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    Product Introduction:

    Improve thinning and prevent hair loss

    Gently cleanses the scalp without damaging it, and uses 50 kinds of precious nourishing ingredients to deeply nourish and replenish scalp nutrition, improve scalp barrier function, and create a healthy hair growth environment.

    Formulated with 5 kinds of seaweed extracts to enhance the anti-hair loss effect, the hair is thicker and fuller.

    Improves elasticity and strengthens hair roots

    Hydrolyzed soy protein and 2 types of collagen effectively increase scalp elasticity

    force, improves flattening and strengthens hair roots. Hydrolyzed soy protein and 2 types of collagen are effectively increased

    Scalp elasticity, improves flattening and strengthens hair roots.

    Cleanses and nourishes hair with healthy and moisturized hair

    Suitable for dry and damaged hair

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    ✦ Place of Origin: Japan