BLACKMORES - Natural Vitamin E 1000IU 100 Capsules (Parallel Import)
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Product Introduction:

- Helps maintain a healthy heart, eyes and immune system
- Vitamin E is an excellent free radical scavenger, which can protect the biofilm from free radical attack and is an effective anti-aging nutrient
- Strengthens the body's resistance
- Helps protect cells from free radical damage and keep your heart healthy
- It can promote skin metabolism and improve skin elasticity, and has special functions of beauty and skin care
- This product is a parallel import

Key ingredients:
Blackmores 1000IU Vitamin E Beauty Capsules (Anti-Aging) is a state-of-the-art vitamin E supplement that is known as "Nature's Perfect Vitamin E" and is more than double the antioxidant and protective power of ordinary natural vitamin E. There is no chemical reaction in the production process, which maintains the original physiological activity and natural properties of vitamin E, which is easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, has high safety, and is more suitable for long-term consumption. It can achieve a healthy heart and lungs, increase vitality, obtain super antioxidant capacity, make the body more healthy and energetic, and strengthen the metabolism of skin cells, so as to keep youth forever.

Suggested Usage:
Adults: Take one tablet daily with a meal.

Country of origin: Australia