CURE - Natural Aqua Gel 250g (Parallel Import)

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    Product Description
    Cure -Natural activity moisturizing exfoliating gel 250g

    Detailed introduction
    The foundation and lipstick hidden in the pores thoroughly, while protecting the natural moisturizing element "cyt lipid Ceramide" in the skin, the soft makeup remover can easily remove the makeup without excessive rubbing, which will cause skin sensitivity. After rinse, it feels comfortable and clean, never sticky, effectively prevent the deterioration of dryness, improves the skin's self -defense ability, and relieves discomfort caused by skin dryness. 1. Non -matte particles, mild, do not wear thin skin, exfoliating at the same time, will not take away the skin's protein and oil points 2. Alcoholless, spiceless, pigment -free, no preservatives, ingredients with 91%activated hydropona Essence Activated hydropenic has the effect of anti -acidification (= aging). 5%glycerin, aloe vera, etc. 4. It can also be used without destroying the skin and sensitive skin while exfoliating. It effectively removes the dirty things in the pores, helps the skin metabolism, and makes the pores clean, the skin is smooth and healthy. 5. Not only the face, but also the body (avoid eye week). The skin has become very smooth and soft, and it will not become thinner or even tingling like a frosted product exfoliation.