WOFOPAI - Ginger Conditioner 300ml (New and old packaging are shipped randomly) (Parallel Import)


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    Place of Origin: Thailand

    Product Description
    WOFOPAI latest launch launch laundering set
    Ginger wormwood hair washing milk+ginger wormwood hair milk,
    Refuse to get oil, dry hair, effectively repair damaged hair follicles, nourish and strengthen your hair from deep to prevent problems with hair loss
    At the same time, cleaning the scalp is both effective, which makes the hair reappear dense, healthy and beautiful, and ginger has been circulating from ancient times.
    Zhong has a great effect, which is that the wind can remove the humidity in the body, so it also has a detoxification effect on the body function.
    Double -high ginger essence, strong oil control, refreshing scalp, clear dandruff, smooth and beautiful hair, helplessness to save the hair problem ~

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