Chilli BaBa - 20 years Tangerine Peel Stewed Lemon in Rock Sugar 385g

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    Packaging specification 385g
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    Product Description
    Daddy Dad Twenty years of Chenpi Lemon Cream, with 20 years of high -quality Xinhui Chenpi, Sichuan Anyue Lemon, Yunnan Old Rock Sugar. The boiled stew for more than 20 hours, absolutely zero added, zero preservatives

    Moisturize the lungs and phlegm, relieve cough and asthma, protect the throat and throat, clear heat and nourish yin; for too many tobacco and alcohol, insufficient sleep, dry throat, dry tongue, etc.

    Twenty years of Xinhui Chenpi, yellow lemon, old rock sugar

    Use the three small spoons of the accompanying wooden spoon to add 250 ml of warm water, and one cup of health a day

    preservation method:
    Normal temperature shelf life: three months, refrigerated shelf life: nine months

    Note: It is recommended to eat as soon as possible after Kaifeng does not contain preservatives.