50 Megumi - Hair Colorant 150g (Light Black)(Parallel Import)


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    Place of Origin Japan
    Product Description
    Traditional hair dye stimulates the scalp. It is easy to make the hair dry and lustful, and even increase the hair loss. Japan's 50 Hui Single Research was semi -durable. Natural seaweed hair dye hair cream contains natural ingredients, mild nature, does not hurt the scalp core, suitable for usage every week.

    Detailed introduction
    1. Natural seaweed essence hair dyeing hair while nourishing hair at the same time
    2. Mild and not irritating, not hurting the scalp, mild smell
    3. Semi -persistent technology, coloring from the surface of the hair, the hair dyeing ingredient will not destroy the core color of the hair core.
    4. Mild formula
    5. One push can be pushed, no need to mix, it can be used for multiple times
    6. It can be used for full or dyeing, and the texture is strong and not easy to drip
    7. Add aqueous caffeine and Poria to activate hair melanin cells and slow down white growth

    Water, whale wax lipide alcohol, palm acid ethylben ester, chlorine chloride, hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol, sheepsidic vegetable extract, Gagome extract, skirt dishes extract, key icon seaweed extract, Malling sunflower extract, bamboo extract, dragon sunflower extract, isopropanol, hydroxytic cellulose, diolin glycol (hydrolyzed silk/PG propyl metropolis glycol) cross -linking polymer, Hydal cholesterol, phenol, oleate oil, hydroxyl aluminum, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium salt-7, perfume, caffeine, sea salt, quota-3 Bg Ethylene, ethanol, benzhenoxyl, triple (bitterness/decoction) glycerin, (+/-) HC blue 2, alkaline blue 99, alkaline brown 16, HC yellow 2, HC yellow 4

    (Use it in dry hair before shampooing)
    1. Please put on gloves first, take an appropriate amount of hair dye hair cream, and apply the hair evenly from the root of the hair.
    In the more white hair, please fully apply a lot of hair dye
    2. Waiting for 20 minutes
    3. Use water to fully clean up until the water that flushed the hair no longer has color

    Suitable for use every week.
    Dosage reference (full dyeing): -Stime: About 1-2 table tennis size -medium long hair: about 2-4 table tennis size of size -long hair: about 3-6 table tennis

    1. If the scalp has abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema or rash, please do not use it.
    2. Before use, please check whether the scalp is normal. During use or after use, if you find any abnormalities, such as redness, swelling, itching, inflammation, fading (white spots, etc.) and black spots (except stains caused by the product), stop using and treating the skin. Please consult an expert. If you continue to use, the symptoms may deteriorate.
    3. Be careful not to get into your eyes. If you accidentally enter, please wash it. If there are any abnormalities, please consult an ophthalmologist.
    4. Please put this product where children cannot contact.
    5. Avoid it in a place where overheating or too cold, avoid direct sunlight, and keep it confined.
    6. Do not use any other purpose except hair.
    7. Do not put the extra content back into the container again.

    1. If it enters your hands or nails and change color, it may be difficult to remove, so please wash it immediately. If it is stained with you, wash it immediately.
    2. After use, please rinse all the dirt on the test tube. If it is dirty, the bathroom may become dirty, and it may not be unloaded. If the bathroom or toilet is discolored, wash it immediately. If it is not washed off immediately, the color will not fall off.
    3. Please note that if it is stained on clothes or clothes, it will not fall off. Please note that in the following circumstances, after use, the color may be transferred to clothes, hats, towels, pillow holes, etc. (Especially when you sweat, rain, wash your hair, a lot of hair repair agents, hair styling products, etc. during exercise.>
    4. Please do not use it in public places, otherwise it may bring inconvenience to the people around you due to pigments.

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