4711 - White Peach & Coriander Acqua Colonia 50ml (Parallel Import)


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    Packaging specification 50 ml
    Produced German
    Product Description
    4711 Acqua Colonia Gulongshui series is full of vitality and suitable for many different occasions, so it has always been sought after by perfume enthusiasts. In addition to friendly and fresh elements, Gulongshui will also use herbal, wood or spicy formula to prepare the special aroma of excitement. Therefore, the Acqua Colonia Gulong Water Series is not only light ancient dragon water, but also a diverse combination, and its fragrance category is also very diverse.

    Detailed introduction
    Balance -sweet fruit fragrance
    This perfectly balanced fragrance can purify and soothe the compressed heart. The aroma of white peaches and fascination with your feelings, and the vibrant lemon flavor can make the tired mind restore the vitality.

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