ANNA SUI - Sundae Violet Vibe Eau de Tailette 50ml - Violet Vibe (Parallel Import)
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Cosmetic & Health: ANNA SUI
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Packaging specification 50ml
Place of Origin
Product Description
Turned tone: Strawberry cream, lemon peel, black vinegar and chestnut nectar
Middle: Red apple flower, jasmine
Tone: pink marshmallow

Detailed introduction
1. The light perfume of the Oriental Fruit, the Anna Su girl who shows the trendy style of Trendy
2. It represents cool, trendy, and fashionable pale perfume. The overall is the oriental fruit tone, which makes people show the charm of the trendy style
3. Cherry -shaped spray head, the top of the top is decorated with silicone jams and sugar needles, frosted glass cups with ice cream cups, eye -catching cute
4. Ice cream -shaped outer packaging box, retro and cute painting style

It is recommended to be used in the pulse site, such as the neck, the inside of the wrist, and the back of the ear

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