DAEWOO - Multifunctional cooking juice blender


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    feature of product:

    Gold-plated knob technology combined with popular appearance design, fashionable and high-end

    Juice, Smoothies, Whole Grains, Coffee Beans, All in One Machine

    3-speed design, fully meet the needs of use

    3 steps to install, 1 button knob control

    Food-grade 304 stainless steel juicing head, 6D three-dimensional high-speed crushing, juice, delicate feeling

    Food grade 304 convex one-word grinding head, fine powder

    Rotate and disassemble design, easy to clean and rinse

    300W high power and super high speed, strong power, no need to wait for a meal

    Selected green and environmentally friendly materials, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, health and safety without harm

    Built-in safety locking device, safe and durable without hidden danger

    Umbrella heat dissipation silicone non-slip foot pads, firm and reliable placement, high heat dissipation efficiency

    The diamond-shaped cup body and two-column spoiler design increase the steric hindrance effect and make the stirring more fully and evenly

    Rated voltage: AC220-240V~,

    Product net weight: 1.45kg, product gross weight: 1.82kg

    Speed: 21000rpm±10%, rated frequency: 50-60Hz

    Capacity: 500ml (juicing cup)/100g (grinding cup),

    Product size: 145×137×325mm (juicing cup)/145×137×263mm (grinding cup)