ALLPET NMN 30 Capsule (Cat)

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    Allpet NMN contains nattocin

    Natto Qin helps to restore bodily functions; NMN effectively provides energy for cells, and the two are blended with patented dual biotechnology to form a synergistic effect, the two complement each other, have stronger effects, and greater benefits, which is more effective than the single formula NMN on the market.

    Natto vegetarian

    Activates stem cell proliferation and regeneration

    Nattoin contains tiny proteins found in pets, which can help activate stem cell proliferation and regeneration, accelerate the production of new cells, and repair body functions and organs.


    NMN is converted into NAD+ in pets, and bin cells provide energy to build new cells and resist free radicals and DNA damage.


    NMN and natto ferment are both naturally occurring compounds that are believed to have anti-aging and health benefits. NMN is a substance that promotes cellular energy metabolism and DNA repair, while natto ferment is a natural antioxidant that slows down cellular aging and inflammatory responses. NMN and natto ferment can work synergistically through a variety of mechanisms to have stronger anti-aging and health effects.

    Promote cellular energy metabolism: Both NMN and natto ferment can promote the energy production process in cells, increase the body's metabolic rate, increase energy levels, and reduce fatigue.

    Delay cell aging: NMN and natto ferment can slow down the aging process of cells, promote tissue repair and regeneration, and delay aging.

    Improves cardiovascular health: NMN and natto ferment can lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, improve blood lipid metabolism, cardiovascular disease risk.

    Promotes Nerve Health: Both NMN and natto ferment reduce neuronal damage and inflammatory responses, improve memory and learning ability, and slow down neurodegeneration.