Canned abalone and sea urchin soup

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    With the Sanriku Sea as a backdrop, sea urchins and abalone are often caught near Hachinohe. The roots of "Ichigo-ni" are a dish cooked with sea urchin and abalone by fishermen on the beach long ago. It was served as traditional Japanese dishes during the Taisho era (1912 to 1926), and later became the representative local cuisine of Hachinohe in modern times.

    The name "Ichigo-ni" comes from the fact that when served in a bowl, the golden sea urchin sinks into the milky white juice and looks like "wild strawberries in the morning mist." Pick and taste the bounty of the sea, like picking wild strawberries in a bowl

    - Sea urchin, abalone, shellfish and other seafood are cooked with kombu and bonito

    - There are enough large pieces of abalone and sea urchin in the tank

    - Hachinohe local cuisine (Japan’s famous wild sea urchin production area)

    - Can be used as baked rice, noodle soup, risotto, steamed eggs, hot pot soup base

    - Capacity: 415g

    - Ingredients: [Steamed sea urchin (sea urchin (produced in Chile), rock shellfish, abalone], scallop extract (scallop extract, reduced starch syrup, salt), bonito extract (bonito extract, protein hydrolyzate, salt , bonito extract), vegetables (green onions, perilla leaves), salt/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (some contain wheat and abalone)

    - Origin: Japan