CASA-V - Cotton print bed linen set (VC061)
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"The latest model of Beloved Series FW22 uses geometric fashion graphics as the main design elements, dots, lines and surfaces, coupled with stronger colors, injecting a young, lively and unique style into the bedroom, leveling it up in one second. Show your unique personal taste and get rid of boredom in the new year! The series insists on using 850-needle 100% natural cotton, which does not cause any irritation or side effects to the skin. Cotton is highly hygroscopic and breathable, and can absorb moisture in the environment to make the texture more beautiful. Soft, coupled with CASA-V 5A full-protection air purification, anti-mildew, anti-mite, anti-bacteria and anti-odor functions, it creates a green and sterile sleep life for everyone.

- 5A full protection and anti-bacteria: CASA-V’s unique and first-of-its-kind 5A functions of air purification, anti-mold, anti-mite, anti-bacteria and anti-odor bring a new healthy sleep experience
- Natural and skin-friendly: Made of 100% natural cotton fiber, soft, skin-friendly and non-irritating
- Soft and breathable: excellent moisture absorption and breathability, can absorb excess moisture in the environment, making the fabric feel softer
- Antistatic: It has antistatic properties due to its strong moisture absorption and breathability, giving a more intimate sleeping touch.
- Outstanding color: Using reactive printing and dyeing process to make the color more vivid and outstanding

*The fitted sheet height for single to 4 and a half feet double bed is 25cm; the fitted height for extra large bed is 30cm.

100% cotton"