Casablanca - Silver Ions Australian Wool Winter Quilt (NP800SI)
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"feature of product :
The silver ion antibacterial technology used in Fairy Shield™ is a silver-based active ingredient that can directly destroy bacterial cell membranes and cause bacterial death. Silver ions (Ag+) have a positive charge, and the bacterial cell membrane has a negative charge. The two generate charge adsorption. The silver ions penetrate the cell membrane and react with the sulfhydryl groups (-SH) in the bacteria, destroying the activity of the enzyme and interfering with the synthesis of bacterial DNA. , effectively kills and inhibits bacteria so that they cannot survive or reproduce, thereby achieving antibacterial and anti-odor effects.
Carefully selected high-quality Australian wool ranks among the best in terms of softness, elasticity and color compared to other origins. Its excellent curling characteristics can lock in a large amount of air, providing unparalleled excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the unique molecular structure of wool can absorb excess water into the hollow structure and quickly eliminate it, providing extraordinary warmth, dryness and breathable comfort. experience.

- Australian wool: Carefully select high-quality Australian natural wool. The sheep are grown in an environment with humid climate, suitable temperature and good air. The wool grows exceptionally healthy and soft.

- Quality assurance: Australia's wool production management is very strict and meticulous, and local technology and workers are first-class in processing wool.
- Excellent thermal insulation: It has excellent curling characteristics to lock in a large amount of air, block the cold outside air while distributing the hot air inside, providing unparalleled excellent thermal insulation
- Moisture-absorbing and breathable: The unique molecular structure of wool absorbs water vapor into the hollow structure and quickly eliminates it.

The silver ion antibacterial series uses DuPont™ Fairy Shield™ patented technology, which can form a uniform covering layer on the surface of bedding to deliver low-concentration silver ions to comprehensively inhibit bacteria and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 50% polyester, 50% wool

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