CASABLANCA Soybean Aloe Summer Quilt (NP000SAQ)
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"Natural formula - soy fiber is made from soybean meal, and high-tech technology is used to add natural aloe vera extract, bringing natural and healthy skin-friendly enjoyment.

Softening and moisturizing - The soy moisturizing factors and various amino acids in the fiber are skin-friendly and non-irritating; coupled with the evenly distributed nano-aloe vera solution in the fiber, the skin is less likely to lose surface moisture due to natural contact and friction with the fiber during sleep.

Green and environmentally friendly - Soybean fiber is spun by extracting the essence of soybean meal through biotechnology. The production process fully complies with environmental protection requirements and has the reputation of "green and environmentally friendly fiber in the new century".

Dry and moisture-absorbent—it has an irregular groove-like structure, which is extremely sweat-absorbent and breathable without being cramped.

Fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 60% polyester fiber, 15% aloe fiber, 25% soy protein composite fiber"